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Is your lift or hoist stuttering as you climb the stairs? Has it become slower and slower over time? Or has it stopped dead in the middle of the stairs? Whatever lift repairs you need, we'll be able to have them resolved as soon as possible. We know you won't want to be without a full service for too long, so we'll be round as soon as we can.

For your convenience, our lift maintenance and repairs team can visit you on the same day around the Wigan area. You'll be able to use it again in no time.

•  One-off lift repairs

•  Ongoing lift maintenance

•  Emergency call outs & same day services

•  Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

•  Repairs for all lift brands and types

Our lift maintenance team can visit your property as often as you like to ensure that your components are working as best as they can. This can help prevent your lift from needing repairs in the future, and can ensure that your lift is always working as effectively as it can be.

Broken lift? We'll be round as soon as we can! Call us 24 hours a day in Wigan today on

01695 726 159

Expert lift repairs you can rely on

A same day service

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Keep your lift in top condition

Having a problem with your lift? Our team in Wigan can help!