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For disabled and elderly people that find it difficult to move around your public access building, or even if you struggle to move in your own home, we can help you. We stock a range of different mobility aids depending on your property which can help you to live your life a lot more freely and easily.

Whether you're walking on foot or you're in a wheelchair, we have an option to help you. With a tailored design, you can be assured of having something that suits your staircase.

•  Stair lifts

•  Step lifts

•  Easy access lifts

•  Wheelchair lifts

•  Mobility aids

You don't need to break the bank to have improved access to your building. At Ambassador Lifts, you can find a number of top manufacturers at competitive rates so that you can get the best whilst keeping your costs low.

For stair lifts and more, get in touch with us 24 hours a day in Widnes on

01695 726 159

A variety of different options to choose from

Lifts for wheelchairs

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Top brands at affordable prices

Our mobility aids will ensure that you can move around in Widnes